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Helpful Tips

Our team of professional movers at Bernd Moving Systems in Yakima have prepared a list of moving tips to help you prepare for your next move. Check it out here:

Summer is “peak” moving season.

If you can be flexible about when you relocate, consider moving during the non-peak season before summer, as professional moving schedules fill up quickly during this time. Professional moving schedules are also extra busy during the first and last days of the month, so try to plan ahead if these dates are important to your move.

Conduct a pre-inspection before your move estimator arrives.

Tour your house before the estimator arrives. Check the entire house, garage and any outbuildings and help determine what will be moved and what will be discarded. Try to ensure that all items you wish to move are in view, as this will help the moving estimator provide you with the most accurate quote.

Take your time if you elect to self-pack.

Packing a whole household of goods is no small task. Try setting your packing goals and deadlines early to ensure packing is complete by your moving day. In the event that you don’t meet your packing goals and need extra assistance, make sure to notify your moving company as early as possible so that special arrangements can be made.

Don’t forget to notify the postal service that you will be moving.

Provide the U.S. Postal Service with your forwarding address, whether temporary or permanent. To file a change of address online, click here.

Corporate move?

If you are being relocated at your company’s request, find out what portion of your moving expenses will be paid by the company. If your company has a written moving policy, ask for a copy.

Unmovable Items

Dispose of all flammable items, such as cleaning fluids, aerosol cans, fireworks and matches. Don’t forget to drain the fuel from your power mower and other machinery, and make sure to discard partially-used containers of any substance that may leak, including the water from your steam iron.

Prepare for those high value items to be shipped

Obtain a written appraisal of antique items to verify their value for insurance purposes. Don’t wax or oil wood furniture before moving because some products may soften the wood, making it vulnerable to imprinting from furniture pads. Notify your moving company of any items in need of special crating or packing containers.


Unplug all electronic equipment, such as television sets, home computers, stereos, etc. 24 hours before your move so they will be at room temperature on moving day. Moving a TV set or any other electronic equipment in which heat is still retained could cause internal damage.

Notify the Neighbors

Don’t forget to warn next-door and even down-the-street neighbors of your upcoming move, as it would be inconsiderate to surprise them with a number of cars and trucks taking over the street on your moving day.

Live Plants or Animals

Most moving companies don’t transport live plants or animals, so be sure to make special arrangements in order to accommodate them.